Kisses for Jesus

+ J. M. J.

This weekend DD1 found a picture of a monstrance with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament exposed. Papa said, “Jesus.” She pointed to the Blessed Sacrament in the middle, said “Jeeja?” and gave Jesus a kiss as a picture of a loved one.

She doesn’t even give her mom kisses. But I’m not jealous. (Okay, maybe just a smidge.) I’m sure her sweet kisses melt Jesus’ Heart.



Tips to prevent food waste


Food Storage Tips

1. Inventory rotation.
When new food goes to the back of the pantry you have no choice but to eat that so-so can of okra and tomatoes you’ve been avoiding as it stares you in the face.

2. Inspect handouts.
So you came home with an open box of Reduced Fat Bisquick a girlfriend decided she didn’t like. Open it and inspect for bugs that could ruin other food before putting it in the pantry.

3. Mark when you open perishables.
Especially things not used on a regular basis.

4. Circle the expiration date in red.
Shorter shelf life items: Brown rice and whole wheat flour have more healthy oils so they spoil faster. They will most likely keep past the expiration date. Rule of thumb: If it smells rancid it probably is.

5. Keep items where they are used so they aren’t forgotten.

6. If you open it, use it! I have a habit of leaving the very bottom of a package for the next person or a rainy day when I’ll reeeally need it. It is OKAY to finish off the box! Don’t feel guilty! Okay, if it is your husband’s last Reese’s, go ahead and let him have it.

7. Nothing tops being charitable. Give food to the food bank, neighbors, the elderly and sick. (And moms. Moms love a break from cooking dinner.) Be the face of Christ to them. 🙂



Tips if you choose to remove items from their boxes and put them in canisters:

  • Walmart Mainstays brand is good quality for being so inexpensive ($2 / canister) and most are made in the States.
  • Rubbermaid red containers have a convenient “one lid fits all” policy and stack well. The label says “fits a 5lb bag of flour” etc.
  • Better Homes & Gardens are stackable and BPA free.
  • Mason jars for boxed mixes like au gratin potatoes and mac & cheese.
  • As my lovely husband would say, “the labels are a cute sort of cheesy.” 🙂 Take it or leave it.

Toddler Busy Mats for long car rides

+ J. M. J.

Every once in a while it hits me……. we’re going to spend 10 hours in the car with a one-year-old and a three-month-old.

And then I choose to forget about it until I cannot avoid preparing for it any longer.

Spending time with Hubby and the girls will be wonderful! But an ounce of preparation, as always, helps.

Most of the ideas are from this blog. Here are some of the felt mats in her new little Busy Mats kit!


Ugly Potato Head and a car puzzle


Felt shapes & colors




In the works are saint felt “paper” dolls!

For a man doll: Saints Joseph, Peter, Patrick, Benedict, Blesseds Pier Giorgio Frassati and Pope John Paul II.

For a woman doll: Saints Maria Goretti, Thérèse, Elizabeth of Portugal, Joan of Arc, Blesseds Mother Teresa and Kateri Tekakwitha (who will be canonized this October!) and of course Our Lady.

Since Miss Toddler is still learning where her eyes, nose and mouth are there’s no rush to get dolls done. For now she can be happy with Ugly Potato Head.

Prepare yourself for temptation

+ J. M. J.


My son, if you come forward to serve the Lord,
prepare yourself for temptation.
Set your heart right and be steadfast,
and do not be hasty in time of calamity.
Cleave to him and do not depart,
that you may be honored at the end of your life.
Accept whatever is brought upon you,
and in changes that humble you be patient.
For gold is tested in the fire,
and acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation.
Trust in him, and he will help you;
make your ways straight, and hope in him.
You who fear the Lord, wait for his mercy;
and turn not aside, lest you fall.
You who fear the Lord,
trust in him, and your reward will not fail.
– Sirach 2:1-7 RSV-CE

Irish Sweets for the Parents

+ J. M. J.

Having never “made” anything for the feast of St. Patrick  we went all-out this year. “All-out” meaning we actually had alcohol. Yeah, we don’t get out much.

Homemade Irish Cream. Fresh really does taste fresh. We put it in Irish Carbomb Cupcakes.

I think I’m going to put Guinness in every chocolate cake I ever make. And when people ask “what’s in this?” it’ll be the secret ingredient (not a secret now…you know). Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had!!

Now we have a quart of Irish Cream to find homes for (delicious but a little dangerous, especially for a breastfeeding mommy) and 24 cupcakes to find homes for.

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