Feast of the Trinity – Braided Bread

+ J. M. J.

Tonight is the eve of the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

And to celebrate with food (duh….of course we’re celebrating with food, is there another kind?),

we baked braided bread!

Cell phone cameras never do justice.

Using this recipe for Awesome 1 Minute Ciabatta Bread, after rising, the dough was separated in 3 parts and braided—3 Divine Persons, 1 God.

(If I had older children this would be an edible theology lesson–the best kind.)

Onion powder, fresh parsley, quinoa and garlic sprinkled on top.

Per directions, we popped it in a 400˚ oven for 25 minutes.

Try to hold off cutting into it for 10 minutes so it doesn’t cave in.

And then add copious amounts of butter before consumption because, hey, we’re celebrating the wondrous Most Holy Trinity today and everything is better with more butter.


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