Super Duper Porridge for Super Babies

+ J. M. J.

Fitting good food into the mealtimes of a short-attention-spanned toddler can be a challenge. That’s where Super Porridge comes in (Super Baby Food, Ruth Yaron, 1998).

Super Porridge is whole grain(s) blended into powder and made into cereal.

High Protein Super Porridge (9+ mo for higher calorie & activity needs) is blended whole grain(s) & legume(s) and made into cereal.

Maybe I went off the deep end. I thought, “There are many healthy foods in our kitchen with nutrients, complex carbs, fiber, protein, good fats…why not put them together into toddler hot cereal?”


In a blender combine:

1/2 cup dried beans (here 2 Tbs each garbanzos, lentils, green split peas & great northern)

2 Tbs quinoa

1 heaping Tbs flax seed

1 heaping Tbs wheat germ

1 cup whole grain (oatmeal shown here)

Then BLEND that puppy about 2 minutes, until very smooth.

It will be a soft, very fine flour. Store this dried cereal in an air tight container.  Can you see the green split peas? Didn’t think so. They won’t turn the cereal green. 😉

Every 1/2 c dry cereal = boil 1 cup water (or bring milk to a constantly-stirred simmer). Cook 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

Optional: add things like fruit or yogurt. Serve it up. Store leftover prepared porridge  2-3 days covered in fridge.


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