No More Hectic Mornings

Something has clicked in the past two weeks. If I get up before anyone else–have some quiet time, work out, take a shower, get dressed, start breakfast–then the whole family is more peaceful and productive. When Mom is in order the whole house has room to be ordered. All this time I have found the weight of that task to be a burden I didn’t know how to deal with so I didn’t deal with it at all! Now I see that it is a greater burden to be consistently unorganized!

The alarm has gone off at 5:30 these past two weeks so that I do housework and get myself ready for the day FIRST. My house has never been tidy for so long because of the Before Bed Routine. Meals have never been done, nor laundry clean AND folded AND put away like this. It is so wonderful!

The best part of this has been that I have a hold on my life rather than my life running me!! (Yeah, yeah. Cheesy.)

So on Monday when Therese started preschool I added something else: Therese has her Wake Up Routine that has to be finished before she can get milk. She has been in a twin bed since Sunday night so I jumped right on teaching her how to make her bed herself the very first morning.

We are !EXCITED! about getting ready for the day so she stays interested.

1. When she gets out of bed and walks into our room to wake up Mommy, I say, “Good morning, Therese! *hugs and kisses* How are you doing this morning? Let’s potty!”

2. Then we make her bed and Therese is sure all four of her Eeyores are tucked in. It doesn’t matter that it is still messy. (Though my perfectionism is tempted to “fix” it.) The comforter is turned up. The pillow’s at the head. She is proud she did it herself.

3. We kneel down by the bed and make a morning offering.

4. Then we get dressed. (She helps Mommy lay out her clothes the night before. She is starting to remember we do this every day so she is excited when she remembers getting dressed is the next thing.)

5. We brush our teeth. Therese has Pinkie Pie toothpaste which has made teeth brushing SO MUCH EASIER. This child used to be impossible every morning and night, but now we announce, “Let’s see Pinkie Pie and brush our teeth,” she screams “Pine-key!” (in slow motion–soo cute) and she wants to keep brushing and brushing. :p

6. After Mom hands her the toothbrush so she can get a turn to brush her teeth herself Mommy fixes her hair on the bathroom counter. Then she looks in the mirror and says, “tunka Mama,” (thank you) and asks for a dab of lotion to put on her cheeks. I’m pretty sure this is her equivilent to the makeup she watches me put on…..

7. Finally, we go to the fridge where her little graphic chart is hanging low on the fridge. We draw bright stars to check off everything we did, going over them. The last thing on the list is a cup of milk. When she sees it she, without fail, bounces up and down saying “MEEEE MEEEE! …..PEAS!” (milk please). She toddles away content with her milk completely ready to go for the day within 15 minutes.

We can start our school day by 6:45 so that we can leave for the office by 7:50. Yay!