How to Purge Toys

The toys in my office have been in one large tote. This doesn’t work well. All the toys are taken out at once. Toys miss their matches so the kids don’t play with them. It’s a mess. 

I read about Decluttering Sticky Clutter today.

1. I challenged myself to fill the trash can with old toys they don’t play with. They’ve already been through several children. I did.

2. I cleared the trash off an unused bookshelf (another clutter-free space!) and moved it to the play area.

3. Then I separated their toys into 6 15-quart totes (they really aren’t as big as they sound) and put them on the bookshelf.

4. Then I got the old and unused ones out of there pronto.

Now they can get out 1 tote at a time. If they want to play with another the tote that is out is put away. And it means Mom isn’t putting away 6 times as many toys at the end of every day. w00t w00t!

And there is 50% less STUFF so they can actually play with what they love.

Kids love simple and clutter-free spaces, too.