DIY Moneysavers: Cleaning Edition

Pinterest is where most of these were found. PHOTOS ARE LINKS TO THE RECIPES. Enjoy!

Cooking Spray

Canned cooking spray has propane and butane. DIY is safer and saves money. (I know it isn’t a cleaner but it’s just too cool.)

Dishwasher Detergent

100+ loads. We added a container of Lemi Shine to this as we have extra hard water and it worked as well as the store bought.

Homemade Laundry Soap

This lasts our family of four a little under a year. We wash 7 loads a week. We just made our second year batch.

Homemade Fabric Softener

Homemade Febreze

Home Cleaners

DIY Scented Plugin

Simple Shower and Tub Cleaner

Leave in shower and wash 1/4 while you’re there every day. I’ll never stop doing this!

Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Let sit 2 weeks and drain into a spray bottle.

DIY Shaving Lotion

The website this is from is no longer available.

Homemade Toothpaste

Weirded me out at first but I then thought “I guess toothpaste is just mint soap for teeth, who says it has to come out of a tube?”


The Story Behind Our Healthy Living

+ J. M. J.

This year our family has been on a mission to save money while eating healthier. It started when we lost a baby to miscarriage at the end of December. We love that baby so much and we are grateful for the very short time she spent with us. It was an existence between just her and God–we didn’t even know of her beautiful life until it ended.

To cope I needed to do something. Talking with the doctor we came to the conclusion that there might not be anything “wrong” with me to treat–it just happened. The only tangible thing we can control is how we take care of ourselves so that’s what my dear husband and I set out to do.

Well, I take care of menus, shopping, and cooking so whether he wanted to or not he is along for the ride. 🙂 Even though he doesn’t, say, get excited about a sale on vital wheat gluten, he is supportive and tells me he desires to eat as healthy as possible.


1. We started by switching fully to whole grains. We cut out all “white” grains that have no fiber or healthy fat and low in nutrients.

We save money by baking our whole wheat bread, which has 8 ingredients. It costs roughly $.60 for a 32oz loaf.

It takes 15 minutes of labor to make it in the bread machine so it was the easiest switch.


2. Then we started cutting out refined sugars. We still use white sugar, but much less of it, using the “Eat 80% healthy, 20% don’t worry about it as much” rule.

3. Things we say no to:
– completely cut out artificial sweeteners.
– avoid foods with preservatives, chemicals & ingredients with more than 3 syllables. :p
– avoid salt. We don’t add salt to food. When we eat at other homes the food tastes too salty to us, but our taste buds have adjusted to our cooking without it.

4. Lean protein most of the time. (We’d already been doing this.) We eat beef 2-3 times a month.

5. Drink more water & take vitamins.

6. Switch to healthy snacks. This was a challenge as I relied on things like graham crackers for the girls’ snacks. I’m always on the look out for healthier toddler snacks that don’t get messy.


Blueberries and Homemade Corn Dogs made with non-preservative hot dogs and whole grain flour. Easy switch. (Click for recipe.)

7. Make half of what we eat fruits & veggies. (White potatoes and corn are starchy grains so they’re limited.)

8. Cut a lot of dairy out of my diet, but not the girls’ diet. We do NOT drink skim!!

9. Make food rather than convenience and prepackaged food. If it is a side dish from a box, we don’t buy it. has many DIY recipes.

We make our own:
– Greek yogurt (NOT fat free)
– whole wheat tortillas
– spaghetti sauce
– whole wheat pizza dough, which we freeze in batches
– any “mix” at the grocery store (like scalloped potatoes) we make ourselves
– whole wheat bread (baked twice a week)

20130411-165747.jpg rwesZX

10. The next thing we are working on is eating complex carb, protein and good fat every time we eat.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into what we eat!