+ A Prayer for My Husband

+ J. M. J.


+ O Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit, Divine Lover of my soul,

Please bless my husband, whom You gifted to me, and whom I love so much more than I thought possible.

Make him a saint. Give him Your heart. I beg of Thee to bestow on him every grace.

Bless him, that he may continue to be selfless for others.

Bless him when the pressures of being the provider of our family weigh on him.

Bless him when his job is stressful and co-workers are disingenuous. Help him see these as opportunities to be You to others and sanctify his own soul.

Bless him when life is care-free and the Evil One tells him he doesn’t need to rely on You.

Bless him as my husband, that he may continue to lay down his life for his bride every day in cherishing and serving me. Bless me with the grace to accept this with humility and reciprocate that marital love by honoring and serving him, too. His example of Your love softens my heart to Your mercy.

Bless him as the father of our children. Help him be the image of You our children first know, so that when they learn about God the Father they attach You with the things he is: good, noble, virtuous, firm, gentle, merciful, honest, disciplined, humble, and holy.

Give him the right words to say when You give him opportunities to teach others, especially our children.

Bless my husband, that he be always pure of heart in every way. You said, “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.” I pray that I always be pure of heart, too, so he and I–and by example our children–may attain everlasting life with You.

Remind him to always rely on Your love and guidance.

Remind him to pray, “Jesus, I trust in You” every moment he can.

Remind him to care for himself so that he may care for others.

Remind him that You love him every moment of every day. And, while you are at it, Jesus, please remind him when I’m not there that I love him, too.

Amen +



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