Useful stuff

Here you’ll find links to things that are relevant and helpful.

You could call them hobbies, but I don’t know remember what those are.

More like things that have helped our family live more simply, peacefully, efficiently than before — but might not work for everyone.

DD1 knows efficiency is: always hiding a spare.




Non-Toxic Cleaners

We have babies. And we don’t like to pay for expensive cleaners. So we make them!

An uber list

Our own working concoctions!

DIY Dishwasher Detergent

DIY Laundry Detergent


Cloth Diapers

Hold up! We are not sanctimonious cloth diaper users! We have one diaper rule: Where a kid poops is where a kid poops–it’s poop either way. We do put cloth on our kids’ butts, though, because we don’t like expensive disposables. That, and they’re dern tootin’ cute.

Kawaii Diapers – high-quality, yet super-duper inexpensive

tevirP Hand Made – home business by a lovely, talented lady in Latvia; cheap shipping

tevirP wool covers

Our little stash


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